How to Get Stimulus check

If you qualified for a stimulus check based on your tax returns from 2019 or 2020, you should have automatically received an Economic Impact Payment deposited directly into your bank account or mailed as a paper check or debit card.

However, millions of Americans may have missed out on getting their full stimulus payment for one reason or another.

The good news is that if you were eligible for a stimulus check but didn’t get it, or if you received too little, you can still claim your money from the IRS. But the process for doing so isn’t always straightforward.

Here’s a simple guide on how to get your hands on a stimulus check, even if the government didn’t send you one automatically.

How to Get Stimulus check

Determine if You Qualify

The first step is figuring out if you actually qualified for a stimulus payment based on your income level and other criteria set by the IRS.

Generally speaking, if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who earned below $75,000 as an individual (or $150,000 as a married couple), you likely qualified for the maximum stimulus amount.

But there are many exceptions and nuances. For example, your stimulus payment was reduced if your income exceeded those limits, and it got smaller the more you earned. Dependents were eligible for smaller payments as well.

Those with little or no income tax liability could still qualify, even if they didn’t need to file a tax return.

File a Tax Return

This is crucial: Even if you normally don’t file taxes because your income is too low, you absolutely need to file a tax return for 2020 to claim any missing stimulus money.

That’s because the IRS used your 2019 or 2020 tax information to determine eligibility and payment amounts.

If you already filed your 2020 taxes but didn’t receive a stimulus check or got too little, you may need to file an amended return. When filling out your return, make sure to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit, which allows you to get any missing stimulus funds.

Submit Other Information

For some individuals who don’t normally file a tax return, you may need to take an extra step to claim your stimulus payment. The IRS created online tools to register for an Economic Impact Payment for Americans with very low incomes.

This allows you to provide basic information about yourself, your family, and your income so the IRS can determine eligibility.

Be Patient

Unfortunately, dealing with the IRS is rarely a fast and smooth process. If you are owed a stimulus check but haven’t received it yet, you’ll likely have to play the waiting game. The IRS has been overwhelmed by the volume of stimulus payments and returns to process.

However, the Recovery Rebate Credit does allow you to get any money you were owed as a tax refund when you file your taxes. So even if the government dropped the ball, you can still get your stimulus check – you may just have to wait.

While the process isn’t always easy, it’s worth taking the time to claim your stimulus payment if you qualified. After all, it’s your money! Just be prepared for a bit of red tape along the way when dealing with the IRS.

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